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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy Busy!

We have been really busy lately and lots of fun things have been going on.  Below are some pictures of some of the things we have been up to.  It is amazing how much Noah has changed in just a few months.  He Loves to talk...I wonder where he gets that from??  He still sleeps 12-13 hours at night and takes a 2-3 hour nap in the day.  When he is awake he goes nonstop and there is no slowing him down:)  We have sweet girl named Eann watching him this summer while I work and he loves her and she is great with him.  I will be sad when she leaves to go back to school.  We are going to Lost Pines next week for another vacation and then will be home for awhile.  We have had a good summer so far, but are definitely looking forward to some cooler weather! 

Our good friends Blair and Ciri and their kiddos, Payton and Robbie, came for a visit before moving to Canada.  Noah and Payton have the same birthday and had lots of fun swimming together.  They are so cute together.

Andy, Noah and I went to Colorado with my parents and had a great week in Winter Park, CO.  We had an amazing view from our house.  Noah liked to "pose" on the sofa in front of the window. 

 My sweet boys.  Love these guys so much!! 

There are all these really cool musical instruments in Winter Park and Noah loved playing did Gigi!

Noah's first time ever riding up the chair lift to the top of the mountain.  He loved it and he almost fell asleep every time we rode it.  He looks like he might be half asleep in this picture:)

View from the chair lift.

Top of the mountain! 

We had to stop for a little time out at the top of the mountain.  I think he was a little tired:)

We could see our house from the top of the mountain and were waving at the chipmunks down at our house. 

4th of July in Grand Lake, CO.  There was a fireworks ban in Colorado so we watched boats with lights on them...not quite as exciting.  But, there was a great big party and Noah got to dance a lot so that was fun!  Beautiful area.

Noah got to do the zip line in Winter Park and LOVED it.  He was definitely the smallest kiddo doing it, but he is such a daredevil. 

Here is a video from the zip line.

 Aunt Gloria and cousin Ben came in town for a few days and we had lots of fun swimming and playing with toys.

Noah is such a ham and loves lounging in the pool. 

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